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The complete DIY guide to creating music for Film, TV and all new media. Dean Krippaehne’s book “Demystifying The Cue” contains tips and strategies for learning to write, record and produce quality music quickly in your home studio. Learn how the pros break through writers block, create production templates, record, pan and mix their real and virtual instruments. Gain knowledge on networking and learn how to avoid the most common music biz pitfalls. Within these pages you will discover how to optimize your talents, minimize your frustration and maximize your chances for success.

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Demystifying the Genre

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A step by step walk through writing and producing ten of the most commonly used music genres in Film and TV. You'll discover how to reverse engineer any genre of music and apply production techniques used by the pros to your creations. Each genre examined in this book comes with audio cue examples (download or streaming) designed to teach your ear what it takes to be successful in the production music business.

What people are saying per "Demystifying the Genre" ...

"Excellent! A wonderful companion to Demystifying the Cue. Great resource for those interested in writing and producing music for Film/TV. Written in a easy to comprehend conversational tone."  - Lamar Pecorino

"As an aspiring music composer for film and TV for years, I've been looking for a book like this since I started. It's like the Google Maps of writing music cues focusing on what makes a cue and step by step instructions on how to get to a finished, shippable product." - Ron Kujawa

“The Rosetta Stone of Cue Writing. Literally, Dean has given you THE GAME in this book as it pertains to writing music for TV. Picks up where "Demystifying The Cue" left off with more depth. Nothing like it out so it definitely fills a void in an industry that's known to be hush hush concerning the craft. KUDOS for sharing the knowledge!” - Pink Shoes

"Dean's latest book is a must have for anyone new to composing music for tv/film, and is a quick read for those already doing this. He could not make it easier for composers of any level to create cues right away." - Paul Croteau



"Great book, easy read. This book is line after line of encouragement for creatives. Its focus is more on mindset, but there are practical tips littered through the book. Worth a read if you find your inner creator stifled by your own negative thoughts." - Jennifer Foss

“Very inspiring and motivating” - David Hayes (Composer/Producer)

"Were you inside my head? This is EXACTLY what I have been struggling with lately. Thanks for writing. Much appreciated!” - Andy Gabrys (Producer)




"The Hijacking of Christianity in the age of Trump" does an excellent job looking at how authentic Christianity is often highjacked (and corrupted) by those seeking power and control. His book is humble, detailed, and consistently on point about how to recognize the difference between those whose actions and words aspire to live up to the example Jesus set, and those who do not. It’s a good book for Christians to find clarity and ideas about how to counteract those corrupting their faith, and helpful for non-Christians to better understand the core ways faith can be and is being corrupted. I highly recommend this book.” - Suzannah Doyle

“Pause and examine. Excellent book that asks good questions about the direction Christians are heading in current times with some comforting reminders of the freedom and acceptance found in the open arms of God. Time to rethink what Christianity is about.” - Amazon Review

"The message was clear, direct, on point, and always backed up with Scripture." - Roger Wood

"We desperately need more like this. The hijacking of Christianity didn’t start with #45, but this book shows clearly how it has been accelerated in his term. Highly recommend for a rare perspective - a perspective that is unmistakably Christian!" - A. Frazier

“America needs this book now." - Tom Frodsham (Pastor, Director of Luther's Table)



This book examines the tenets and teachings of Jesus Christ juxtaposed against statements and assertions from some in evangelical Christian circles, with the great hope that those seeking Jesus will be better able to discern the Truth from the false teaching so prevalent in the era of Trump.

Video Games.



Taxi TV’s Michael Laskow discusses how to create instrumental cues with special quest Dean Krippaehne.

(Click picture to watch) Episode: Feb. 11th, 2019

Film Score.

Mastering Sync Music "Cue Tips"

(Conversation with Taxi CEO, Michael Laskow - June 2024)


Let's Talk Music (VIDEO)

Interview and conversation about Sync Music - Paul Croteau - 2023

Taxi Music Conference - Nov. 2nd - 5th, 2023

LA Westin (near LAX)

52 Cues - "Demystifying the Cue" interview

(Conversation with Dave Kropf - Sept. 2023)

52 Cues workshop - Oct. 30th, 2023

(Online community /

Clinic "Cracking the Cue Code"

Oct. 15th, 2022 - 1PM (Online)

Sync or Swim Networking Event

Workshop and listening. Oct. 13th, 2023 - 5:30PM


Taxi CEO Michael Laskow interviews Dean Krippaehne (VIDEO)

2021 (per music libraries)

Workshop "Demystifying the Cue"

Nov. 8, 2019 - 6PM, Westin (LAX) Taxi Music Conference


Workshop "Reverse Engineering Cues"

Nov. 9th, 2019 5:30 PM (Westin, LAX) Taxi Music Conference


Workshop, California State University, Northridge

Nov. 9th, 2019 10:45 AM, Off Campus, California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Music class (Private - CSUN students only)


Taxi TV (Part 1 - VIDEO)

Ep. 1 - Michael Laskow analyzes elements from Dean Krippaehne's Book "Demystifying the Genre" (Click on "Taxi TV" to follow link) Ep. Nov. 16, 2016


Taxi TV (Part 2 - VIDEO)

Ep. 2 - Michael Laskow discusses elements from Dean's book "Demystifying the Genre." (Ep. Nov. 22, 2016)



Sync or Swim CEO Robbie Hancock interviews Dean Krippaehne


Steve Collum interviews Dean Krippaehne (Part 1)


Steve Collum interviews Dean Krippaehne (Part 2)


Magnetracks Eliot Pister interviews Dean Krippaehne (Part 1)


Magnetracks Eliot Pister interviews Dean Krippaehne (Part 2)


Magnetracks Eliot Pister interviews Dean Krippaehne (Part 3)


Consultations and Mentoring

Consultation with Dean Krippaehne is available either in person, by phone or via Skype/Zoom/FB/IG.

Please contact Dean at to schedule a session and plan.

Select Jazz Discography

RightSize 1996.jpg

1996 -"Dean Krippaehne Jazz

(RMC Records, Multiple Charting Songs including #1 "My mind can't keep its hands off you")


2010 - "Smooth Jazz Vol. 2" (RMC Records, Mood Media/Muzak)


2017 - "Christmastime"  (JFM, FM Records, APL - As heard on “The Kardashians" & "CBS Mornings")


2018 – “Boss Nova" - (JFM, FM Records, As heard on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," "Nickelodeon Unfiltered" and Warsaw Shore)


2020 “Cuban Traditional” (JFM/APL Records, 6 songs, as heard on the TV show “Casagrandes”)


2023 "Jazz Lounge 1"

JFM/Sonic Dynasty Records


1997 - "The PH7 Project" (MDR Records)

Atomica 2011.jpg

2011 - "House Phusion" (Atomica Records - As heard in the Movie “Forgive Us Our Debts” Netflix)


2017 – “Midnight Jazz" (JFM, FM Records - As heard in the Movie, “The Price” – Orion Pictures)


2019 - "Motor City Blues" - (JFM Records, APL)


2008 - "Smooth Jazz Vol. 1" (RMC Records, Mood Media/Muzak)  


2012 - "Smooth Jazz Vol. 3" (RMC Records, Mood Media/Muzak


2018 - "Big Bossa Swing"  (RMC Records)


2020 - "Cocktail Jazz"  (JFM, Motor City Records, APL) as heard on the TV series, "Younger."


2022 - "Mellow Moods" The Deano K Jazz Combo


2022 - "Meta Jazz" The Big Data Sobriety Test (Groove-Jazz)


2023 "Jazz Lounge 2"

JFM/Sonic Dynasty Records

Full discography (100+ Albums/CDs) available upon request



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