Dean Krippaehne

Dean Krippaehne is a veteran songwriter, musician, author, artist, Film and TV music producer and worship leader. His music has been heard on hundreds of TV shows, Films and new media around the world including; Oprah, Dancing with the Stars, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Scorpion, Duck Dynasty, Parenthood, The Today Show, Biography A&E, The Vampire Diaries, Lucky Dog, One Life To Live, T-Mobile and Amazon Connect to name a few. He has also earned gold and platinum records as a songwriter and has decades of experience in the music industry founding both Seattle's Tri-West Recording Studios and All Screen Music as well as co-founding the advertising company Spektrum and partnering in the Tech company NXT CHNL.



He is the author of the (Amazon Best Seller) books “Demystifying the Cue” and "Demystifying the Genre," as well as "Write, Submit, Forget, Repeat." Dean has had his thoughts etched in such publications as, "Recording Magazine," "Performing Songwriter Magazine" "SheKnows" and "The Loft," and continues to speak, teach, mentor and consult at many music seminars and workshops throughout the country. His stunning visual art has been featured in international venues and publications as well. A worship leader in his home church in South Seattle, Dean and his wife Karin have raised three daughters and now live as proud surrogate parents to both a dog and a cat. (Contact Dean at: deankripp@aol.com)


The John Braheny Songwriting Award

I am so incredibly honored to have received the 2014 John Braheny Award for Songwriting. It was presented to me by JoAnn Braheny and Michael Laskow (CEO of Taxi A&R) in Los Angeles.

John Braheny, a successful songwriter himself, was maybe best known as a mentor and consultant to some of the greatest songwriters and performers of all time including: Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Janis Ian, Warren Zevon, Karla Bonoff, Stephen Bishop, Wendy Waldman, Diane Warren and scores more. Because of his generosity and tireless efforts to create discovery possibilities, he was lovingly dubbed, “the songwriter’s best friend.”

Although I never had the chance to attend LASS (Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase), the non-profit he co-founded, I did get the opportunity to chat with him a few times over the years. He was one of those rare people who instantly loved you and you couldn’t help but love back. I only wish we could have had many more conversations together.

To find out more about John Braheny check out his website.


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